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Helps you match the
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Why Choose us.

3 Months Free Replacement

Need a replacement hire within 90 days? We've got you covered, at no extra cost. Let's find the perfect fit for your team!

Deadline is our Priority

Struggling to fill a role quickly? We have top talent ready to start within your deadline. Deadline is our Priority

Robust Database

Our comprehensive talent pools are constantly refreshed, ensuring we have the latest information on available candidates across all industries.

Honest deliverability

We do round 1 Interview ouselves. We inform, assist & connect at every step, ensuring a personalized & respectful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It Depends on the number of openings and complexities of the profile and lastly how quickly you want them to be onboarded.

  • Prospecting on Different platform manually with help of our recruitment team and to fast-track the process we also use AI tools. Our rigorous selection process ensures you attract top talent with the skills and experience to excel in your team.

  • After we like the candidates' profiles we will have a telephonic round at our end and then we will share the profile with you once approved by you we will proceed with a Level 1 interview at our end and then we finally call them qualified and hand it over to you for next round of interview.

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